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What is the hitch height of my trailer?

When level with the ground, the hitch from the ground approximately:

  • Utility Trailer: 15”
  • Boat Trailer: 14”
  • Kit Trailer equipped with 8” Wheels: 13”
  • Kit Trailer equipped with 12” Wheels: 15”


How can I determine if my car can haul this – how do I find the payload or GVWR?

Determining the payload, GVWR, or empty weight of the trailer can be done using the following formulas:

  • Maximum Payload = GVWR - Trailer weight
  • GVWR = Maximum Payload + Trailer weight
  • Trailer weight = GVWR - Maximum Payload

To determine if your vehicle can haul a trailer, you will consult your vehicle Owner’s Manual and the information from above to determine if the trailer falls within your vehicle’s hauling capabilities.

Can the Landscape gate be used to drive-on?

Yes, the landacape gate can be used as a drive-on gate, it has been designed to handle
50% of the payload of the trailer. It can also fold-inside the bed of the trailer to accomodate longer loads.

How much weight can the gate of my trailer handle?

The gate is designed to hold 50% of the payload of the trailer.

Do you manufacture sides for my trailer?

  • Kit Trailers: At this time, we do not manufacture sides for the kit trailers, but all kit
    trailers come with the stake pockets required to build sides to customize the trailer to
    fit your needs.
  • Utility Trailers: Our solid side utility trailers come equipped with 15” sides and we do
    not manufacture taller sides at this time. We do not manufacture any side panel options for our open rail side trailers.


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