Innovation Meets
Perfection & Strength
Innovation Meets
Perfection & Strength


Westbrook Trailers offers two lines of utility trailers, Stirling and Marathon. Each brand has their own position in the market. With many years of listening to our customers we offer strong long lasting utility trailers that will haul whatever you need.

Stirling trailers

Stirling Trailers is Westbrook Trailers main product line, offering many different sized trailers for your hauling needs. With the unique ability to adapt to each load, Stirling Trailers are the most Flexible trailers in their class. Compact in size, they can be stored in the average garage or parked in the driveway providing the perfect option when space is at a premium.

Our Stirling Trailers are finished with Galvalume™ Plus, a metallic coating providing a greater barrier from the elements, allowing it to outlast galvanized steel under the same exposure conditions to ensure your investment lasts for years. You can find Stirling at many major hardware retailers such as Rona, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Canadian Tire, and Home Hardware.

Marathon Trailers have been exclusively sold through Home Depot with great success for over 10 years. Being synonymous with quality, performance, flexibility, and value, Marathon Trailers have been designed with you in mind. Marathon is Westbrook Trailers more streamlined product line, are the most flexible trailers in their class, and have the unique ability to adapt to almost any load. Whether it’s small or heavy loads, you can rest assured your Marathon trailer can handle it all.

Marathon Trailers


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The Westbrook Group of Companies provides potted plants, cut flowers, light duty utility trailers, and the design and build of commercial and production greenhouse structures throughout North America.