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Marathon Trailers

Marathon Trailers have been exclusively sold through Home Depot with great success for over 10 years. Being synonymous with quality, performance, flexibility, and value, Marathon Trailers have been designed with you in mind. Marathon is Westbrook Trailers more streamlined product line, are the most flexible trailers in their class, and have the unique ability to adapt to almost any load. Whether it’s small or heavy loads, you can rest assured your Marathon trailer can handle it all.

I’ve had this trailer for a number of years and it has repeated shown its value and capability. It’s been used for moving household items, yard equipment, landscape materials, lumber, etc.

Nothing had made this trailer flinch. It’s light to pull and has a very reasonable capacity. The ability to extend the bed is very useful for those occasions you want to carry 8′ sheet goods, the tie downs are handy and the rear ramp invaluable for loading and unloading items.

Best of all, despite heavy usage and outdoor storage it has proven exceptionally resistant to rust.


I’ve used this trailer hard over the years. I transport my ATV with snow
plow in the winter. Lumber, landscape materials and everything else during the rest of the year. This trailer handles it all. It’s size saves room in the driveway yet the front folds down allowing more storage space. You’ll get 4×8 sheet of plywood in there with room to spare. Highly recommend this utility trailer.

Ryan B

Great trailer with excellent features at an outstanding price.

Leo M

The Stirling trailer is very versatile and handy to have. We have been using it for a couple months.we have used trailer to move ATV, Lawnmower and numerous other things over the last couple months. Trailer could be towed by ATV which was very handy around here to complete jobs.The only thing I would like to see changed is the built in ramps could be about a foot longer for a couple reasons. When loading a lawnmower the ramps are little short and well towing trailer if they where longer you would be able to see trailer.


Great product and great after sales service. Replaced a part for me that broke, way after my warranty ran out-THANK’s!!!

Dwight Brown


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