4×13 Boat Trailer

Model: 48-168-BT13

The Stirling and Marathon boat trailer is versatile and long-lasting. It can accommodate most watercraft up to 13 feet in length. It can suit a range of hull types thanks to our completely adjustable 84″ bunks with tilt, height, and width adjustments.

For a long lifespan and endurance in fresh or salt water, the Galvalume™ Plus steel construction resists chipping, cracking, and corrosion. Years of trouble-free operation can be expected when combined with a submersible lighting system and a standard 4-pin flat wiring connector.

  • G.V.W.R1200 lbs
  • Payload970 lbs
  • Total Length13'
  • Wheel Size4.80 x 8 LRC
  • Coupler1 7/8 inch
  • Suspension1500 lbs. Leaf Spring
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  • US Retailers

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4×14 Boat TrailerModel: 48-168-BT14
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