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The Westbrook Trailer division offers a unique product into the marketplace, which solves a need and provides value to the end consumer. We provide several different types of products, specifically Light Duty Trailers, Kit Trailers, Boat Trailers, Accessories & aftermarket parts. Our significant difference from the competition is the innovative material and process that we use to create a product which is priced well and provides long lasting value for the end customer. Galvalume, which has a zinc & aluminum coating to provide a maintenance and rust-free experience is used to build our trailers. We use a high-level of technology, machinery, and automation in the manufacturing process to ensure the best value and cost for the customers we serve. We are proud that our products are fabricated and assembled in North America, supporting our people and our economy. We have other great features which add to the best-in-class quality of our trailers, all to ensure our customers receive a great experience.

The Westbrook Trailers team thrives on providing a great customer experience. We look for people who hold our company values intact: Passion, Selflessness, Courage, Curiosity, Communication, and Governance, all to ensure that we are bringing trailer products to the market which offer value.



The Westbrook Group of Companies are a professionally managed group of privately held, third generation family-owned companies with history back to 1959. Starting from a 14,000 square foot greenhouse, it consists of over 1 million square feet of greenhouse space and 250,000 square feet of production and office space with 4 separate operating divisions serving the North American market.

The Trailer division joined the Westbrook Group in 2012. Initially focusing its efforts within the Canadian marketplace, providing Light Duty Utility Trailers to Mass Retailers and Dealers under the brands Stirling & Marathon. The division shared facilities with other Westbrook Group Divisions, and soon found that due to its unique products and increased demand particularly with expansion into the United States, it required increased manufacturing and office space. Most recently in 2021 the trailer division expanded into a new facility allowing for increased capacity and more efficient production. The Trailer division continues to look to the future for growth and expansion in the North American market.


Westbrook Trailers is a division of the Westbrook Group of Companies, and it upholds the value of family owned, professionally operated. At Trailers we seek innovative, passionate, and driven individuals to be part of our team.

The leadership team at Westbrook Trailers consists of Mackenzie Hudd, Christa Cox, Will Vermeer, Tom Bergshoeff and Kelly-Ann Gagliardi. Our team brings passion and experience to the trailer industry. We have a company who has brought innovative products to the North American Market. Through collaboration, teamwork, and best business practice, we are expanding across the North American Landscape. With determination and motivation, we work tirelessly to ensure a commitment of success to our customers, our company, and our people.

Stirling Trailers is Westbrook Trailers main product line, offering many different sized trailers for your needs. You can find Stirling at many major hardware retailers such as Rona, Lowes, Canadian Tire, and Home Hardware. Stirling Trailers come with a unique Galvalume finish, which is corrosion resistant. This gives your trailer a rust-free finish for the long haul.

Marathon Trailers is Westbrook Trailers more streamlined product line, offered exclusively at Home Depot. The Marathon line of utility trailers has been designed with you in mind. The unique ability to adapt to almost any load is unmatched, making them the most flexible trailers in their class. Let’s face it, we never know what we will carry from one day to the next, but its good to know that whatever you put in it these trailers can handle it.

From our humble beginnings, Westbrook Trailers has grown to a diverse team of over 80 passionate engaged individuals. Family owned, professionally operated and part of the Westbrook Group of Companies we’re big enough to provide opportunities to build a rewarding career and small enough to care about the success and well-being of every team member.

At Westbrook Trailers, our core values guide our decisions and drive us to make a difference – for our customers, our communities, and our people

More than just a job,
we are proud to offer our team members

work-life balance

A commitment to employee
growth and advancement

A competitive compensation
and benefits package

A diverse multicultural
team environment


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The Westbrook Group of Companies provides potted plants, cut flowers, light duty utility trailers, and the design and build of commercial and production greenhouse structures throughout North America.