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What is Galvalume® Plus?

Galvalume® Plus is a metallic coating which consists of 44% zinc, 55% aluminum and trace amount of silicone and has an additional organic acrylic clear coat for added protection. Galvanized steel is coated in zinc only. This combination provides a greater barrier from the elements, allowing it to outlast galvanized steel under the same exposure conditions.

What are the benefits of Galvalume® Plus?

Resistant – Galvalume® has superior resistance to corrosion in outdoor environments and performs better than galvanized steel. Even after a few decades, Galvalume Plus-coated steel will be less likely to rust than traditional galvanized steel.

Self-healing – Galvalume Plus metals can heal from red rust at the edges when cut to shape and will stop any discoloration from growing over time. Zinc is self-sacrificing to protect the steel, leading to better protection for your trailer.

Longevity – Galvalume will last around 35 years before any major repairs and has a total lifespan of approximately 40 – 60 years in certain environments.

Aesthetically pleasing – Galvalume plus’s matte, silvery metallic appearance is desirable and can also be painted with the appropriate etching primer and a polyester brush to fit your color needs

Is Galvalume® Plus better than aluminum?

Due to Galvalume Plus’s combination of aluminum and zinc, it offers better surface protection in most environments where there is large amount of rain and snow fall or in high temperature regions.

Is Galvalume® Plus more expensive than galvanized steel?

Galvalume Plus and galvanized steel are priced similarly, although with galvalume plus’s long-lasting nature, it is more cost effective.

Do you sell trailers to the public?

No, we are a wholesaler and only sell through authorized dealers and major retailers.


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